“What if WE could change the world, one idea at a time?

What if your idea, yes yours, was the future?

What if TOGETHER we can shape the world of tomorrow?

What if, instead of complaining about or fighting “the system” that clearly doesn’t work, we spend our energy finding innovative solutions/ “what-ifing” away?

WHAT IF? What else is possible??”


  • start by clicking on the page category that represents your idea best (above this, just below the Earth heart),
  • enter your idea,
  • like the ones you think will bring change (the little up and down arrows next to the posts for DisqUs comments or the little thumb up for facebook comments)
  • and spread the word!!!

… yes it is that easy!!

This website’s idea came from listening to Healing with the Masters hosted by my dear Jennifer McLean (also host of Masterworks Healing that I VERY highly recommend), and specifically the show with Ricka Zimmerman, the “What IF?” Queen. Thanks Ladies, I love you!

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  • shez

    this is a fabulous idea – Rikka is so inspiring. this is powerful

    • http://www.bestwhatif.com/ iAmAtPeace

      Thank you very much! I am touched! :) blessings

  • james

    what if we all did exactly what we wanted to do?

  • Tamlynn

    Wonderful to find this at just the right time! What else is possible!?!